Oct 22, 2017

Act: Email Senators that War on Drugs is code for the War on Blacks

Locking people up for marijuana use is both inhumane and irresponsible. Here's why:

1. Black and white people in VA use drugs about the same amount, yet for every white arrested, 3 blacks are.

2. Addiction is a big problem, and locking someone up without giving them proper rehabilitation isn't going to fix it.

3. Small drug possession can create a felony charge, which demolishes the right to vote.

4. In the end, 1 out of 5 blacks lose the right to vote. Virginia's Jim Crow laws are still bubbling beneath the surface.

5. 25% of prisoners are there for drug use, and the amount of total prisoners has tripled since 1987. Prisons in America are overcrowded, and therefore have poor conditions not suitable for anyone.

6. Studies show that treatment saves money, and is much more effective than incarceration

6. Even if you don't care about any of the terrible things above, you should know that almost $70,000,000,000 of taxpayers money is spent on this.

See your representatives, find their emails, and contact them with this message to help stop this injustice!

Dear ________,

As a constituent of yours, I believe in equality and justice, and that's why I believe you should oppose the "war on drugs", which is just a cover for the war on black people. Even though the drug use amount between races is about the same, black people get arrested three times as often as white people. Since felony charges are so incredibly easy to receive in Virginia, 1 in 5 black people lose the right to vote, which is definitely not an accident. Also, the war on drugs supports incarcerating people rather than treating their addiction. Incarceration like this costs US taxpayers almost $70 billion a year, but rehabilitation has been proven to save money, prevent overcrowding, eliminate poorly conditioned prisons, and most importantly, make this country safer. Everyone knows drugs are a big issue in this country, but we should help the people whose lives are being ruined by them, not ruin their lives more. 

Please do the right thing, care about your country, and oppose this barbaric war on drugs. A bill going through the Senate, called National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2017, will stop this injustice. Also, it will limit solitary confinement in juvenile detention, reducing mental illness in children. Please vote yes on this wonderful bipartisan bill when it gets to the Senate. In times like these, justice is needed more than ever.

Your Constituent,

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