Oct 30, 2017

Act: Submit Public Comment to Stop the Abolishment of Women’s Rights

The Trump Administration has plowed through women’s rights (again).
In an executive order, he made it possible for a woman’s boss to deny her needed birth control. Luckily for us, this country is still a democracy. The government is accepting public comments on their views on this order. Go submit a pre-written comment (it's editable) to the federal government here.

Image result for women's rights are human rights"The new rules authorize ​an employer to deny its employees contraceptive coverage if it has a religious or moral objection. It also allows universities to deny this coverage to their students.

The new rules suggest women won’t suffer because they can still access contraception through safety-net programs like Title X and Medicaid – two programs that have been under steady attack from Congress and the White House.

The rules reveal the administration’s belief that even if contraception coverage furthers gender equality, that’s not a good enough reason to ensure that women get it." -ACLU Nationwide

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