Oct 16, 2017

Act: Sign a Petition to Demand Police Transparency in Henrico!

The Trump administration is continually doing everything feasible to impede the rights of minorities and immigrants. This ACLU article show’s how ICE officials are using unwarranted surveillance to deport undocumented immigrants. The feds can’t do everything, though. They have to use local police departments too.

The federal agents give the local PD’s large grants for high-tech surveillance tools, in exchange for the PD’s using that equipment to spy on the community. This trade deal takes place without a vote or any knowledge or input from the community. Conveniently to the Administration, the equipment specifically targets low income communities, minority communities, and communities of color. The equipment tracks texts, emails, cell phone location, has unconsented x-ray scans which increase cancer risk, and disrupt phone signals, even with a call to 911.

The Community Control Over Police Surveillance law stops this injustice, and we need it passed in Henrico County as soon as possible! Sign the petition I created to protect constitutional rights for ALL, not just who the government deems worthy.

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