Nov 12, 2017

Act: Support Justice For ALL, Not Just The Wealthy

You've heard of paid bail, right?

Well, around 450,000 civilians stay in jail while awaiting trial on any given day. These people sit there because they cannot afford bail. A lot of the time, police officers arrest innocent civilians so their department can keep the money. This is called policing for profit and, as you already know, it is injustice.

"Buy your freedom" written on orange Monopoly card


Let's say a poor child gets addicted to drugs with his unfortunate circumstances, and he gets sent to prison. Neither him nor his family could put together the money needed for bail, so he sits in prison for 3 years instead of going to school. When he gets out, no one ever fixed his drug addiction, so he came back about 2 months later. As you can see, the cycle goes on, ruining his life and future, since now that he's been convicted of a felony, he cant vote for the rest of his life!

Now, let's go to the poor child's drug dealer. The dealer gets arrested. Since he's profited so much off of his drug dealing, he can afford bail and leave within minutes. The dealer goes back to getting children addicted and making millions of dollars. The police profited, but the unfortunate civilians paid the price.

That's injustice. Sign the petition to stop it.

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