Dec 5, 2017

Act: Raise the Minimum Wage!

America's minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. Americans average work week now lasts 47 hours, which is much longer than most other countries. With this pay, a worker can hardly afford anything they need. Basic 1 room housing, healthcare, or student loans. 

Image result for poverty in america
Single mother suffering through poverty.


Points to use:

- America should be a land of opportunity, not suffering
- Inflation has made this minimum even worse (Since 2009, $7.25 has gone up to at least $8.32)
- Personalize the message (how does this relate to you?)
- Imagine how quickly things would change if congress was paid $7.25 per hour with no overtime and no paid sick leave.
- Thousands a year die because they don't have access to basic needs that would be available if workers had basic living wages


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