Dec 31, 2017

US Debt Out of Control

As the New Year approaches, the new tax plan comes in order.

The Tax plan was written and then edited hatefully and illegibly by hand. The finished almost 500-page plan was handed to congress hours before the vote, giving the undecideds not enough time to read or comprehend. 

Nevertheless, it passed.

This bill would cut taxes for the ultra-rich and monopolies, and temporarily cut taxes for the middle class. After ten years though, the middle class would receive taxes much higher than normal.

Low taxes may be good in the short run, but in the long run, they are a disaster for our economy. Read this article for more information.

Another article explains something called the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is how high the US will allow it's debt to go. Recently, Trump raised the debt ceiling to the highest ever in US history: over 20 trillion dollars ($20,000,000,000,000) Congress did not vote on this.

Call, email, or write to your US Senators and Representative and tell them to LOWER THE DEBT CEILING.

Some unnecessary spending includes:

-Mass incarceration
-Overpowered Border Patrol
-Congressional wages
-Monopolies and big businesses
-Foreign loans
-Militarization and War

(Also, relate to yourself, how would this affect YOU or the world the younger generations will grow up to)

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